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  • Как разобрать ноутбук Acer Aspire 5100 [ENG]

    In this guide I’ll explain how to take apart an Acer Aspire 5100 laptop.

    I’ll show how to remove major internal components.

    In the next article I’ll explain how to remove the screen.

    First of all, make sure the computer is turned off, the power adapter is disconnected and the battery is removed.

    Both memory modules, wireless card, cooling and and hard drive can be accessed from the bottom.

    Remove four screws marked with red circles and loosen two screws marked with green circles. Remove both covers.

    Removing DVD drive:

    1. Remove one screw (red circle) securing the drive;
    2. Push the drive from the case with a flathead screwdriver;
    3. Pull the drive and remove it.

    Removing hard drive:

    1. Pull the hard drive to the right side until it’s disconnected from the motherboard;
    2. Lift up the hard drive;

    If you are replacing the hard drive with a new one, you’ll have to transfer the mounting bracket to a new drive.

    My Aspire 5100 had a 80GB 5400RPM SATA HDD installed.

    You can upgrade it to a larger capacity HDD or SSD.

    Removing memory modules:

    1. Carefully spread latches on both sides of the memory slot until the module pops up at a 30 degree angle;
    2. Pull the module out by the edges.

    Acer Aspire 5100 has two memory slots. You can install up to 4GB RAM total. Up to 2GB module into each slot. You should use PC2-533 DDR2-667MHz 200pin SODIMM RAM modules.

    Removing wireless card:

    1. Disconnect both antenna cables. Grab the antenna cable connector with your fingers and unsnap it from the connector on the wireless card;
    2. Spread latches on both sides of the wireless card same way as you did with RAM modules;
    3. When the wireless card pops up at a 30 degree angle, pull it from the slot by the edges. Remove wireless card.

    Removing cooling fan:

    1. Remove two screws securing the fan;
    2. Carefully disconnect fan cable from the motherboard;
    3. Lift up and remove the fan.

    My laptop had a lot of dust trapped between the fan and heatsink. This dust buildup kills normal airflow inside the cooling module and causes overheating. You can blow off dust using canned air.

    Here’s how you can replace thermal paste between the heatsink and CPU.

    Removing laptop keyboard.

    In the following steps I’ll explain how to disconnect and remove the keyboard.

    1. Lift up the bezel with a flathead screwdriver as it shown on the picture below.

    2. Remove the bezel.

    3. Remove two screws securing the keyboard.

    4. Carefully lift up the keyboard, it’s still attached to the motherboard.

    5. The keyboard is connected to the motherboard via a flat ribbon cable. Before you can remove it completely, you’ll have to unlock the connector and release the cable.

    6. Carefully move the black tab about 1-2 millimeters up with your fingernails as it shown on the picture below.

    DO NOT SEPARATE THIS TAB FROM THE CONNECTOR, IT HAS TO STAY ATTACHED TO THE CONNECTOR. If you break the connector, you’ll have to replace the whole motherboard. Be careful.

    7. Now you can release the cable and remove the keyboard.

    Всё! Ноутбук разобран. Сборка происходит в обратном порядке, если у вас возникнут сложности вы всегда можете обратиться к специалистам.

    Источник: www.insidemylaptop.com

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    здраствуйте а можно назву мікросхеми biosa aser aspire 3100
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    подскажите пожайлуста где находится микросхема биоса на ноутбуке ACER ASPIRE 3100
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    Между микросхемой ATI и гнездом локальной сети
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